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We aim to simplify your morning routine and bring you a hassle-free, nutrient-rich breakfast.
Just set it up the night before, and you're all set for a tasty, nutritious breakfast with no morning effort required.
Spend just 10 seconds at night and save yourself 20 minutes the next morning – say goodbye to hunger pangs and guilty snacking!

Simple as 1 2 3

1. Pour Milk

2. Soak Overnight

3. Wake, Enjoy!

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Hi, I'm Jia, the soul behind The Earthy. It's so great to meet you here!

We bring the essence of Asian culinary traditions to your breakfast table. The Earthy is a celebration of rich, nutritious, and diverse flavours.
Our mission is to blend the convenience of modern lifestyles with the nutritious bounty of Asian superfoods.

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