New Flavour Just Launched!ūüėćūüéČ | High Protein Edition

About The Earthy

Hi, I'm Jia. I like to help busy people enjoy healthy food without added sugar but that still taste good. The key ingredient I use for all my products is jujube superfuit.
Growing up in Asia, I saw jujube everywhere. They are in the pantry of households, in the soup at lunch, in the porridge at breakfast, in the meat dish at dinner...

People from kids to the elderly just snack on it daily. It's healthy when you crave something sweet. Its fluffy, spongy, slightly chewy texture is a bonus!
I personally have been eating jujube since when I was a kid. My mom would give it to me and told me this is a natural marshmallow.
When I had period pain, my mom taught me how to make jujube tea and told me it would help. And I have been doing this ever since.

Jujube is goji's soulmate, considered the perfect nutritional pairing in Asian cuisine. I was sad when I realised in Western countries, jujube is not nearly as well-known as goji berries. But it has so many health benefits which deserve more popularity. 

From a young age I was surrounded by a culture where food was considered a nurturing experience and an art form bringing people together. So I want to inspire people that eating healthy can be very fun and easy, and share this superfood with the world via healthy breakfast inspired by Asian dessert .

At The Earthy, we help you save time so that you can RELAX a bit to enjoy your food, nourish your body and be happy!

Designed for maximum convenience, nutrition and deliciousness. A jar of overnight oats that you can have anytime, anywhere. 

  • The superstar¬†jujube¬†
  • Seriously¬†clean natural wholefood ingredients.
  • Truly 100% No added sugar, sweeteners and dodgy sugars.¬†
  • No confusing stuff:
    Ingredient labels nowadays become more and more complicated. We only use CLEAN ingredients that you can also find in households. We don’t use stuff like added vitamins, natural flavors/aromas, etc. Some experts say natural flavors/aromas don't appear to be any healthier than artificial flavors. It's controversial. You don't use it in your kitchen. Neither do I.
The Asian dessert flavors are inspired by my memory of my home country. These flavors keep reminding me of the good times I had with my family and friends back then! 
Emphasis is placed on the original flavours of the ingredients themselves. I try to let the flavours enhance each other instead of dominating each other.
You will taste slight sweetness and be satisfied with it being sweet enough.
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