Hello, I'm Jia, the soul behind The Earthy. I embarked on a new adventure by moving to the UK from Australia in July 2022. Arriving here for the first time, with no local connections and just my entrepreneurial dream, was a daring leap!

Peanut & Jujube Superfood Overnight Oats - crunchy peanuts with sweet, red jujube pieces, ready to eat in glass jar

Navigating through the fast-paced British lifestyle, I noticed a trend of sacrificing nutrition for convenience, and the absence of Asian superfoods like matcha, goji berries, and black sesame in mainstream breakfast choices.

It sparked a question in my mind: Why can't we have breakfast options that are both convenient and nutritious, infused with the exciting flavours of my Asian heritage?

Matcha & Macadamia Superfood Overnight Oats - creamy texture with vibrant green matcha and chunky macadamia nuts

That's how The Earthy was born. Our Asian-inspired superfood overnight oats are are a testament to this vision, blending Eastern superfoods with Western convenience. Handcrafted in small batches, our products use no added sugar and introduce the UK to some amazing Asian superfoods.

oasted Black Sesame Superfood Overnight Oats - rich, nutty flavor with a deep, dark sesame appearance in jar.

Through The Earthy, I'm not just offering you a product; I'm sharing a piece of my journey, my heritage, and my heart. 

So, if you find yourself in a hurry some morning, or in that notorious 4 pm slump, remember this: starting your day the right way can make all the difference. And I'm here to make that a little easier for you :)

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